For Strategic Research We Need Multi-Method Work Like Surveys, Experiments And Time Series Models: Dr. Nick Lee, Aston Business School

Event: 2nd AIM-AMA Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium, January 5-7, 2014
Session: Bridging Research Perspectives I – Retailing
Speaker: Dr. Nick Lee, Professor of Marketing and Organizational Research, and Director of Research Degrees, Aston Business School

Dr. Lee talks about the various methodical issues and problems that crop up when conducting research especially in strategic marketing fields. He says that in research one cannot achieve relevance without rigour.

Stressing upon the need for valid and objective data for research in fields like consumer behaviour, Dr. Lee says that single shop cross sectional surveys no longer work and cannot be dependent on. For research, he says we should collect data on independent and dependent variables from multiple sources and it should be supported by field experiments that address every aspect of the topic being studied.  Dr. Lee says that for strategic research we need multi-method work like surveys, experiments and time series models to test multiple different aspects of the same problem.

During the course of the presentation, Dr. Lee discusses at length other critical issues such as – defining the variables that need to be measured, how they are to be measured and tested. He says that to simplify the problems with regards to measurement one should first understand whether the variable that they are trying to measure is real or not. Dr. Lee explains this point and the importance of construct definition with examples of models designed to measure the image of a shopping mall and quality of a website.

Concluding his presentation, Dr. Lee says that what we are missing is strong construct definitions that are backed up by strong research designs and data collections which would allow us to make strong hypothesis.