NIILM Centre for Management Studies (NIILM-CMS) was established in 1996 and is now counted among India’s top-ranking business schools. The ethos of the business school spells academic integrity, ethical governance, and intellectual warmth even while emphasizing on a fine blend of cutting-edge curriculum, skill-building pedagogy as well as an uncompromising adherence to learner-centricity. With highly-effective industry outreach programs, NIILM-CMS has an excellent placement record in terms of compensation and positions offered to its graduates. Backed up by a strong base of some outstanding faculty and high quality resources, NIILM courses are designed to prepare students to be exceptional manager-leaders throughout their careers. Its mission is to provide an education that lasts a life-time and does not become redundant merely by the next ‘big bang’ in the environment, or, alternatively, by a decision to change jobs or industries by its graduate-alumni. (