We Do Not Take Up Projects Where The Company Insists On Having A Propriety Right Over The Research: Dr. Piyush Kumar Sinha, IIMA

Event: 2nd AIM-AMA Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium, January 5-7, 2014
Session: Facilitating Collaboration With The Industry
Speaker: Dr. Piyush Kumar Sinha, Professor of Marketing, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

Dr. Sinha says that when facilitating collaboration with industry, we must look at the association between industry and academia in a more holistic manner. He says that it takes time to form, build and maintain relationships. To illustrate the effort involved in building these relationships, Dr. Sinha shares the experience gained from setting up IIMA’s centre of retail that was built gradually – paper by paper and case by case, and now has the resources and capability to provide consultation for every part of the value chain.

The centre, in ten years, has helped them acquire research, consulting and training projects worth INR. 3.5 crores.Dr. Sinha further adds that for such centres or associations to be successful, it is important to have a clear objective. Continuing the discussion on how the it operates, he says that they do not take up research projects where the company insists on having a propriety right over the research which in turn limits the projects that they do. Dr. Sinha stresses upon the fact that the research projects the centre does should benefit the world at large and not just the company funding the research.

During the course of the presentation, he speaks at length about some of the projects that they are working on and the methodology followed. The latest projects that the centre is working on is in the area of health access that involves creating a complete business model for the organization. Dr. Sinha says that academia must look at ‘marketing problems’ in a much larger perspective and treat them as ‘business problems’ when searching for solutions. This attitude will help the entire industry not just one specific company.

Concluding the presentation, Dr. Sinha says that institutes should tap into their alumni base to acquire research projects. He adds that they have acquired research projects by ‘working’ with the industry and by helping them bring something new to the world.