Viral Marketing – Case Of Adobe Photoshop

Like having a chat with your friends and family? Near the water cooler? On Saturday night? While hanging out at nearby tea stall? If the answer is yes, remember when you advised others on a particular brand or the offers regarding the same. It is called viral marketing or word of mouth marketing (WOMM). See […]

How To Use Product Placements For B2B Marketing?

You must have seen brands placed in movie scenes. This is called product placement. Like it or not this promotion mix strategy generally works well for B2C companies. Now even B2B marketing can be done by creatively placing company in movie scenes. Product placement strategies can be categorized in different ways based on the mode […]

Consumers Taking Charge Of How Brands Communicate With Them: Dr. Jagdish Sheth

Dr. Jagdish Sheth believes that social media has now become a more powerful medium than television and radio. Dr. Sheth observed  that the consumer has taken charge of shaping the communication that he has with the brand while speaking at The International Conference on Social Media Marketing in Emerging Markets (ICSMM 2014) organized by Academy […]

ICSMM 2014: LIVE Blog Day 1

IMR’s Live coverage of Day 1 of the International Conference on Social Media Marketing in Emerging Markets, ITC Gardenia, Bengaluru 25-26th July 2014 Live Blog ICSMM 2014

Strategic Digital Marketing

In this world of developing technologies, marketing strategies have dramatically changed owing to the fast growth of social media and usage of smart devices, desktops, tablets, TV channels, millions of web sites and hundreds of thousands of “Apps”. Digital marketing has become a community-building platform in recent days. Keeping in view all of these, where […]

A Case For Zero Inventories Across FMCG Distribution Setup

These are exciting times for business. When one sees the pink papers, most of the headlines are about new business models making waves and about how old-world assumptions are being questioned and demolished. However, in some vital aspects, the consumer goods industry in emerging economies has insulated itself from the winds of change. One such […]

Facebook Video’s Call To Action Feature – More Clicks Per Ad

Facebook, given its wide reach, large user base and array of offerings for businesses, has become an important tool for marketers. The social networking giant has steadily been expanding its bouquet of services to progress from being just a social platform to a full fledged marketing solutions provider. After launching premium video ads in March, […]

Are E-commerce Companies’ TV Ads Effective?

Amazon India’s sizeable advertising budget for the current fiscal year made headlines across newspapers, signaling that the decade old Indian e-commerce industry has finally arrived and that it’s here to stay. Having said that, it is nothing short of an irony that the world’s largest online retailer has allocated a large part of its budget […]

Infographic: Old Bottle New Cap – A Coke Story

Coca-Cola has created a set of 16 functional caps to transform an empty bottle into a useful everyday object. These objects that range from water guns to condiment dispensers to a dumbbell are supposed to encourage people to reuse and recycle. These caps have just been launched in Vietnam and are set to be introduced […]

Fortune At The Top Of The Pyramid?

During the last decade, most of the strategy discourse in the consumer goods industry centered on the bottom of the pyramid (BoP). There was a compelling reason for this: under served consumers with purchasing power were considered a veritable gold-mine for most consumer goods companies. In their quest to get the most out of this […]