About IMR

Indian Marketing Review is brought to you by the Academy of Indian Marketing. It is an online source of original, aggregated and curated content updated daily, for thought leaders in the practice of marketing.

Academy of Indian MarketingVision

To be the world’s leading research and practice driven academic organization recognized for generating and disseminating unique marketing perspectives on emerging markets including India.


  • To foster academic research unique to emerging markets.
  • To become a catalyst between the academics and practitioners in creating and disseminating marketing perspectives and empirical research unique to emerging markets.
  • To make marketing a positive societal force in emerging markets through nonprofit organizations (NGOs) and Public Private Partnerships (PPPs).
  • To encourage students and academic scholars from diverse disciplines to focus on innovative marketing solutions unique to emerging markets.


  • Grow membership of the Academy with a target of one thousand members in the next five years, consisting of doctoral students, faculty, scholars and practitioners.
  • Organize an annual academic conference with peer reviewed paper presentations and published in peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings.
  • Organize an annual conference on “Not for Profit Marketing” in partnership with the American Marketing Association.
  • Inaugurate the “AIM – AMA Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium” in India.
  • Organize an annual industry Academic Conference on Market Research needs of emerging markets.
  • Organize in partnership with American Marketing Association an annual conference on Public Policy and Marketing unique to emerging markets.
  • Organize Faculty Development Workshops in India on research methods, theory construction and publishing in top academic journals.
  • Develop a Research Institute of Marketing which will fund academic research unique to marketing in emerging markets.
  • Organize an annual retreat of Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) on role of marketing in emerging markets.
  • Organize and grow student chapters in India and other emerging markets to foster marketing as a positive force for development.